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Narks, Lrk

Reasons to sell through a real estate agency

Look at all the things a real estate agency can do for you and how it can make your life simpler:

Znalosť trhu


If you hire a real estate broker, you don´t have to know anything about buying or selling of immovables. Brokers do fieldwork every day and have vast experience and a great overview of the current real estate market situation. They attend regular trainings and are continuously educated and updated about legislative news and use innovative ways of selling.

Ohodnotenie nehnuteľnosti

assessment of property

One of the key roles of a broker is to correctly define the purchase price and strategy of sale. Real estate brokers have access to current information about the sale of similar real estates, and may correctly estimate the level of interest in purchasing an immovable in a particular location and at a particular time.

Viac pohodlia

more confort

A real estate broker communicates with potential buyers about the purchase of your real estate, arranges meetings with them and conducts property showing at or without your presence. No bothering phone calls, e-mail responding, answering endless questions and looking for suitable meeting dates. You may rather dedicate your time to your work, family or hobbies without any worries.

Investuje do inzercie

INVESTs into advertising

A professional broker promotes your property and does everything to make your property reachable to as many potential buyers as possible. After inspecting the property, the broker creates an attractive description of the immovable, makes professional photos and suggest ways of how to prepare the property for property showing.

Vyjednáva za vás

negotiates on your behalf

If you want to sell your property at the best price, hire a real estate broker. A broker, using their experience, is able to negotiate the price without discouraging potential buyers and spares you numerous unpleasant situations.

Predajte bez rizika

sell without risk

If a real estate agency has a NARKS licence, you can be sure they are true professionals who act in the best interest of their clients. Contracts drafted by an attorney guarantee that the entire deal goes through securely, fairly and free of complications. An experienced broker is able to foresee any possible risks connected with the sale and point them out.

Žiadne papierovanie

no paperwork

An experienced broker provides for a complete paperwork when selling your real estate. This involves preparation of numerous necessary documents before the sale, drafting of contracts, cadastre, or handover of the property.

Udržuje a rozvíja vzťahy so svojimi klientmi

maintains and develops relationships with clients

The core of a broker´s success and career within the real estate market are references. Check his/her website. Check how his/her former clients rated him/her.